Optical Assembly

RPO Optical Assembly capabilities include rapid prototyping, custom-built and high volume assembly.

Optical Assembly

RPO Optical Assembly capabilities include rapid prototyping, custom-built and high volume assembly.

Optical Assemblies

Design, Prototyping, Testing and Production

RPO's assembly capabilities include rapid prototyping, custom-built and high-volume assembly of aspheres, doublets, triplets, lens sub-assemblies and image modules. Test capabilities include characterization of radiometric properties, MTF, longitudinal and lateral aberrations and lens centration. RPO supports both passive and active alignments. Mechanical assemblies are supported by RPO's in-house machine shop for fabrication of precision lens spacers and barrels.

Class 10,000

RPO has over 40,000 sq. ft. of climate controlled Class Standard 10,000 cleanroom space dedicated to advanced optical assembly and designed to deliver the highest quality products requiring the most stringent particulate specifications.


RPO's comprehensive metrology labs include state of the art interferometers, surface profilometers, refractometers and spectrophotometers to ensure that products are optimized in the manufacturing process, as well as to ensure that every part meets customer specifications. 

Vertical Integration

RPO's vertical integration allows for optical assemblies using advanced precision molded aspheres. Aspheres increase performance and dramatically reduce weight and size.  RPO's  glass and plastic molding technologies, along with specialized optical assembly expertise, provide the world's most trusted night vision (I2) eyepieces and objectives. 

Custom Optical Assemblies

From Concept and Prototype to Full Rate Production

RPO has the in-house capabilities to provide complete custom optical element and assembly solutions for Defense and Commercial markets, from conceptual design support through full rate production—standard or custom.

RPO's Class 100/1,000/10,000 clean room assembly facilities and dedicated program cells, along with a commitment to being #1 in product quality and on-time delivery, ensure RPO remains the most trusted partner for high-volume optical assemblies, eyepieces and objectives.

Ready Designs for Quick Turn Assemblies

The Most Trusted Name in Night Vision Optics™, RPO understands the unique optical assembly design and fabrication challenges for soldier-capable precision optical assemblies. The Optics Industry's proven supplier for advanced optical assemblies in military applications, RPO has developed the expertise, from concept to design for manufacturability to assembly techniques, to ensure precision and reliability of field-use optics. While RPO continues to excel as a world-leader in custom optical assemblies, RPO now offers The World's Lightest Standard Eyepiece & Objective assemblies, meeting AN/PVS-14 Optical Criteria Specifications, as standard catalog products. RPO also offers standard Thermal Imaging optical assemblies.

RPO's standard products can serve as a customizable starting point for precision eyepieces for a variety of applications and resolutions. These eyepiece assemblies can be ordered from our selection of predetermined specifications or modified to fit customer requirements.

Download the RPO product catalog to view our ready design specifications and diagrams.

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