CMOS Day/Night Observation Device

High resolution digital imaging with Low Light CMOS: The difference is Day and Night


CMOS Day/Night Observation Device (CNOD)

CMOS Day/Night Observation Device (CNOD) is a high definition digital weapon sight/observation monocular that enables its operator to see in the day (bright sun) as well as low light (night) with high contrast and high resolution.  The CNOD functions as a stand alone weapon sight, a handheld/trip mounted observation device, or an in-line clip-on digital weapon sight at a fraction of the cost of similar systems currently on the market.

Technical Specifications

Detects lasers in bright sun or night conditions

  • Fully digital system, no intensifier tubes
  • Monocular, clip-on or stand-alone sight
  • Wavelength 500 nm to 1080 nm range
  • 6x internal digital zoom
  • Allows operator to detect and recognize targets in bright light or night
  • One sight for use in day and into the night
  • Take and transmit still photos or video in HD
  • Hardened for shock, 7.62mm and below
  • RS232, USB interfaces


Lightweight system for field use


Digital HD for day and night


Clear sight for decisive action


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