Medical Device Applications

Medical Technologies, Diagnostic & Surgical Instruments

RPO offers design and manufacturing of custom optical components, optical subassemblies and optical subsystems to meet the needs of medical device manufacturers. A broad array of in-house fabrication capabilities makes RPO an ideal partner for customers in need of build-to-print expertise. 

Vertically integrated, RPO has the ability to produce glass and polymer optics, apply thin film coating, precision machine lens mounts and barrels, assemble, align and test all under one roof.

Applications include:

  • Endoscopy/Colonoscopy
  • Dental instruments
  • Diagnostic screening
    • Hematology
    • Dermatology
  • Medical consumables
  • Ophthalmic instruments
  • Optomechanical assemblies
  • Surgical instruments 
  • Surgical microscopes
  • Vascular imaging
  • X-Ray/MRI/Ultrasound

Optical Design Advantages

Working with our design engineers offers the advantage of collaboration to create an optical design that best fits your performance requirementsOur team has experience designing single lens elements, achromatic doublets, triplets, objectives and more complex optomechanical subassemblies for visible and broadband applications. Design and fabrication of aspheres, achromats and multi-element lens assemblies are a key component of RPO’s business.

For light-based optical instruments that require additional design elements, RPO is equipped to work with you to create optimized solutions for the best results.

Application design elements include:

  • Polymer optics
  • Glass optics
  • Optical assemblies
  • Optomechanical assemblies
  • Excitation and illumination assemblies or subsystems 
  • Beam management subassemblies 
  • Custom plastic optical assemblies requiring low cost, low weight, shatter-proof optics and molded alignment features or housing 
  • Hybrid assemblies requiring glass and plastic optics 

Our design service can help evaluate the appropriate material and process, whether your goal is to create lightweight, portable medical devices, medical consumables or something that requires both attributes. RPO’s ability to create custom designs ensures that the end result is an optical system or optomechanical design that fits your unique needs.

Optical Assembly

Our facilities are equipped to support high volume needs with low risk for you and the end user. This is especially important for optical assemblies used in medical applications.

Capabilities include: Rapid prototyping, custom-built and high volume assembly of achromats, multi-element lenses, and other optomechanical assemblies

Test capabilities include: Characterization of radiometric properties, MTF, longitudinal and lateral aberrations, beam deviation, transmission and lens centration

With RPO, you will have a partner throughout the process, from conceptual design to full production—standard or custom.


Medical Technologies Experience

  • Single-use windows, prisms and lenses
  • Aspheres, achromats, objectives
  • Optomechanical assemblies

Medical Technologies Case Studies

Excitation Source

RPO performed a discovery service to study the feasibility of system requirements of a complex broadband excitation source for a high-end medical application. RPO then completed full optical and optomechanical design and optical and thermal control electronics. RPO has built working prototypes and awaits production volumes.

Dental Headlight

A client engaged RPO to explore design concepts for improving the illumination optics for a dental headlight. We completed the concept design for a plastic non-imaging concentrator that will be produced in the near future.

Need Engineering Expertise & Design Troubleshooting?

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