Defense & Military applications

Fearless Design. Military Precision.

From traditional defense to the rapidly growing consumer market, RPO provides experience-driven engineering and design for IR optics and night vision applications. To meet the optics manufacturing demand in this evolving market, RPO is creating competitive optical systems and maintaining our reputation as a primary partner for innovation.

Application expertise includes:

  • Night vision systems
  • Visible sensors
  • EO thermal systems
  • Soldier systems
  • Digital devices
  • Surveillance
  • Personal vision systems (binocular or monocular)
  • Uncooled thermal cameras
  • Thermal scopes
  • Commercial thermal handheld pieces 

Thermal Optics Capabilities 

RPO has in-house capabilities to produce OEM systems, sub-assemblies, and components. RPO can be a partner for ready platforms, concept and design, identifying design for cost and manufacturability, and even prototyping for high volume production.

Our ability to design for the specific needs of thermal applications ensures production of customer products that meet specifications. 

From Design to Prototype

Design specifications and material selection play a vital role in the success of optical systems. Our advancements in IR molding and use of chalcogenide glasses allow us to meet even the most challenging design requirements while producing higher volumes at a lower cost. From visible sensors to cooled mid-wave to long-wave infrared focal plane arrays, RPO is fully capable to evaluate, assist and deliver integrated systems.

Defense and Security Expertise

RPO is a prime subcontractor on multiple government programs in which we are part of an integrated product team (IPT) responsible for product development through full-rate
production and Integrated Logistic Support (ILS).

Examples include ENVG, Mark VIIE, MGRIN, BNVD, GPNVG, HISS, and TWS. RPO has delivered over 350,000 optical assemblies for soldier systems and 1,000,000+ optical elements, supporting nearly 40 programs.

RPO is committed to partnering with its customers on innovative technologies for defense and security.


Digital CMOS Night Observation Device

Completely RPO designed and built, the CMOS Night Observation Device or CNOD is the first digital night vision device to be fielded by US services. It's a fully digital monocular system that can be clipped to a sight or be a stand-alone device. Designed to offer users superior performance, the benefits of CNOD include:

  • 500 nm – 1080 nm
  • 22.6° diagonal FOV
  • 6x digital zoom
  • Pictures & video
  • From 10 m to > 750 m
  • Shock hardened
  • Extended range available
  • MIL-810G compliant
Learn more about CNOD.

RPO Optical Engineering Discovery Services


Consumer IR Application Experience

Personal Thermal Imager

  • Developed high volume, low cost methods for IR optics
  • Designed lens housing for high volume
  • Developed optical aperture
  • Stray light analysis