Automotive & industrial

LiDAR & Machine Vision

In the automotive, industrial and agricultural markets, automation is at the forefront of development. Innovations in these markets rely on highly advanced optical systems.

Applications include:

  • Hyperspectral imaging
  • Remote sensing
  • Spectrometry
  • Automated sorting and inspection
  • Quality assurance
  • Robotic imaging
  • Metrology

Rely on RPO's expertise in near-IR and thermal infrared technologies to meet your exact optical needs by creating custom or build-to-print designs. We use a number of fabrication practices as well as different components or assemblies to create a unique device based on your specific optical system requirements. 

Typical components and assemblies in these markets include: 

Automotive Applications

Precise, high speed imaging systems are critical to the safety and control of autonomous systems in the automotive space. 

Applications include:

  • Enhanced GPS
  • Driver assistance systems including steering and guidance
  • Advanced illumination
  • Cameras, radar and sensing systems
  • Heads-up displays

RPO specializes in high volume optical systems that meet cost and size targets.

Precision Agriculture 

The agricultural industry is increasingly reliant upon leading-edge technologies to maximize crop yields and productivity while reducing waste and labor costs.

Applications include:

  • Seed counting, planting and fertilizing
  • Automated tractor guidance systems
  • Aerial spectroscopy and imagery
  • Identification of pests, disease and weeds
  • Monitoring crop and livestock health
  • Soil property and moisture analysis
  • Robotic weeding

Need proven design expertise?

If you're faced with an engineering problem and your optical design needs a solution, consider RPO Discovery Service. With this fixed price, low risk engineering investigation, our team can help you speed the time from design to production. 

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