Discovery Service

Fast Track from Design to Production

Problem Solved.

Faced with a specific engineering problem? Need to determine the feasibility of an optics development project? RPO offers a fixed price, low risk way to start.
Speed the time from design to production with the RPO Discovery Service. Our fixed price, low risk discovery service can help to:

  • Troubleshoot a lens or lens assembly design
  • Access top-quality optical engineering talent
  • Design for manufacturability

Here’s how our Discovery Service works

Give us 20 hours to investigate your project. We’ll give you a detailed report of our analysis, along with recommended solutions, and possible implementation paths if you need more assistance with the project. We may even be able to provide a completed optical design that allows you to proceed without further assistance.

And if you do want us to continue assisting with the project, we’ll provide you with a cost and schedule estimate for completion at our standard engineering rates.

RPO Optical Engineering Discovery Services

Recent projects include:

Consumer & Industrial

  • Investigated LED color-mixing techniques
  • Designed all-catalog optical system for consumer gloss meter
  • Developed procedures for a precision optical element alignment station
  • Minimized stray light in industrial mercury vapor detector
  • Investigated LED spot-light instrument homogenization techniques

Security & Defense

  • Designed moldable singlet for LWIR application
  • Analyzed tolerance of an ultra-fast laser system

Life Sciences & Medical Devices

  • Explored design concepts for illumination optics for a dental headlight
  • Studied the feasibility of system requirements for a complex broadband excitation source
  • Investigated loss mechanisms and theoretical performances of high-power fiber-coupled solid-state laser systems
  • Developed low-stress assembly technique for a polarization imaging system