Optical Concepts

Beyond our superior understanding of optical concepts, our ability to practically apply these concepts is the foundation of our success.

We offer optical concepts that include Custom Lens Design, Optical Engineering, Optical Imaging Chain.  

RPO Optical Engineering Discovery Services

Custom Lens Design

We understand the art of custom lens design and apply our skills to meet the demanding performance, fabrication, and cost requirements of today’s optical systems. Design tools include: ZEMAX, Code V, LightTools.

Optical Engineering

Optical Engineering is the activity of understanding and developing designs using the interesting phenomena that occur in the three regions of an optical system. The three regions are: (a) the light source (or “emitter”), (b) the light sensor (or “detector”) and (c) the space (or “interaction region”) between the source and the detector. Learn more about optical engineering.

Optical Imaging Chain

We design and build imaging systems that are used in applications as varied as aerial imaging and drug testing. Understanding the optical imaging chain is key to achieving the imaging quality your system and customer requires. Learn more about optical imaging chain.