Optical Applications

RPO has been a proven partner to market leaders since 2005 and has built an impressive portfolio of clients, successfully executing projects across a broad range of optical application areas.

RPO’s customers create some of the most critical products on the market today — from night vision goggles to virtual reality and surgical instrumentation. RPO provides the advanced proprietary technology, vertical integration, LEAN manufacturing, and supply chain management needed to meet their high-volume demands.

Utilizing RPO’s Discovery Service, customers are able to jumpstart their engineering project, troubleshoot a design issue, or improve manufacturability.

This low-risk, low-cost first step has helped companies address engineering challenges like these:

Smartphone based QC device
This food safety company engaged RPO engineering to develop a method and mobile phone compatible device to rapidly detect somatic cells in dairy milk. RPO designed, prototyped, and produced the complete optical and opto-mechanical system, including required electronics. The product is now available globally.

Dental headlight
Client engaged RPO to explore design concepts for improving the illumination optics for a dental headlight. We completed the concept design for a plastic non-imaging concentrator that will be produced in the near future.

Reader device mirror
Client requested help with poorly performing mirrors in a reader device. RPO analyzed the mirrors both experimentally and via modeling and found that the challenge lay in specification and manufacturability. Our changes have improved acceptance rates and system performance.

Excitation source for medical device
RPO performed a discovery service to study the feasibility of system requirements of a complex broadband excitation source for a high-end medical application. RPO then completed full optical and opto-mechanical design and optical and thermal control electronics. RPO has built working prototypes and awaits production volumes.

Project examples include:

  • Camera lens systems for aerial IR surveillance and geospatial mapping
  • IR imaging using a patented diffraction grating system for increased spectral resolution
  • Hyperspectral and Multspectral imaging systems for DoD/DHS applications
  • Enhancements for freespace laser communications systems
  • Spherical and aspherical multi-layer missile dome metrology
  • Novel optical high-temperature sensor and multiplexer system for turbine engine diagnostics
  • Thermal weapon sights
  • Night vision goggles
  • CMOS based night vision systems
  • Virtual reality
  • Low cost, high volume infrared lenses for consumers
  • Imaging lenses for laser surgery
RPO Optical Engineering Discovery Services


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