RPO’s extensive engineering department offers expert level personnel, including optical and mechanical designers and engineers, systems engineers, engineering and lab technicians, material scientists and embedded software developers. This diverse team works together to design, prototype, and fabricate superior optical components and assemblies.

Optical Design 

If you’re developing a new product or instrument that involves optics, but need optical or systems engineering, troubleshooting or design for manufacturability, RPO engineering services can help from design to prototype to full production.

Our engineering department is one of the largest and most skilled in the industry. We make available to you a team of engineers and lens designers including optical, mechanical, opto-electrical, and systems engineers who have helped hundreds of companies develop high-performance systems.

The lens designers and optical engineers work every day with manufacturing, metrology and assembly to ensure your completed optical component or assembly results in the performance your system demands.

The diversity of talent in our engineering services team can help solve the most difficult optical design challenges. And while our process is proven effective, sometimes finding the best solution takes a fresh perspective.


Before we get started, we first need to understand what your system needs to do at the end of the day. Only when we have fully comprehended what the true system requirements are, that’s when the design process begins.



We brainstorm and develop one or several possible optical design solutions, while keeping you involved. Our flexible and dynamic process is effective for any design challenges that may arise. Collaboration leads to success—for your system and your company.


Depending on your needs and scope, you will receive an optical design that’s ready for rapid prototyping or production at completion. You’ll receive full specifications and requisite supporting documentation.

We use ZEMAX, Code V and LightTools, MATLAB and Mathematica software.

Optical Design Specialties

  • Lenses for imaging, scanning and micro-lithography
  • Non-imaging and illumination systems
  • Microscope objectives
  • Imaging systems for UV through LWIR
  • Telescopes
  • Laser beam shapers
  • Zoom systems
  • Fresnel lenses

Opto-mechanical Design

Our opto-mechanical design process can work hand in hand with our optical design process. Because we specialize in optical systems, and know that the mechanics surrounding the optics can be as important as the optics itself, we work to fully understand your design needs and constraints. Since our expertise extends to materials, gears, fixtures, and machining, we take all of this into consideration when designing your system in either SolidWorks or CAD.

We also offer clients the opportunity to utilize our Discovery Service. After analyzing your design, we’ll provide you with a detailed report of our findings, recommended solutions, and possible implementation paths if you need more assistance with the project.

Optical Systems Engineering 

RPO’s optical engineers design and troubleshoot products in many areas of technology, from consumer electronics to unmanned aircraft systems to biomedical applications.

We see beyond the lens in everything we do. Because we focus on system performance and balance practical issues like cost and time constraints, we help our customers bring their products to market better and faster. That is what sets our engineers apart from other teams.

Some of our typical engineering tasks include:

  • Improving or optimizing a current system
  • Developing requirements for a new system
  • Developing an initial approach
  • Designing individual components
  • Choosing off-the-shelf components
  • Designing an entire system from source to detector
  • Improving manufacturability of a current system
  • Building and testing components or a complete system

We are known for our rigorous approach to problem solving and for applying our wide experience to the most complex design questions. In our engineering tasks we approach problems with a mindset of understanding, innovating, and implementing. Throughout the progress of our engineering work, it’s our policy to analyze, measure, and test at every opportunity.

RPO engineering services can provide a seamless and cost-effective product development path from design to prototype to high volume production.


RPO Optical Engineering Discovery Services

Optical Engineering Specialties:

  • Numerical modeling and analysis
  • Testing, assembly and prototyping
  • Optical lens & systems
  • Opto-mechanical systems
  • Metrology and alignment systems
  • Diffractive optics and holography
  • Waveguides and fiber optics
  • Laser systems
  • Spectroscopy systems

Lab Capabilities:

  • Optical testing
  • Optical system testing
  • Opto-mechanical assembly
  • Precision lens assembly and testing

See examples of our optical systems engineering.