Thin Film Coating

RPO’s production coaters and spectrophotometers for coating metrology allow us to provide standard and custom coatings, offering greater performance for reflective and transmissive requirements. From standard MgF2 AR’s and Multi-Layer Broadbands to custom coatings, RPO brings you the best in coating options. With design and optimization, coating process development, optical and non-optical materials research, and coating production, our coatings offer added performance and durability for the most extreme optical applications.

Optical Product Catalog | RPO

Infrared Broadband AR Coatings

RPO also offers optics including robust infrared antireflective (AR) coatings used in thermal imaging and sensing applications. These coatings use no radioactive materials, are designed to moderate abrasion requirements, and exhibit high transmission in the long wave infrared region.

The coating design can be modified to meet transmission or reflection requirements in the 7 to 14 micron wavelength range. Use of ion beam assist during thin film deposition achieves a relatively low stress, adherent, high-efficiency antireflective coating (HEAR).

BBAR High Efficiency 8-12 µ Germanium
> 98% Average Transmission,
Reflection average < 0.5%


Infrared Broadband and DLC AR Coatings for Durability

For harsh environmental applications, a diamondlike carbon (DLC) coating on the exterior surface of the germanium, coupled with a high efficiency AR coating on the opposite side provides both protection and the highest transmission available. The DLC coating meets not only severe abrasion test requirements, but also various wiper, sand, sun and rain tests. These infrared optical coatings have been qualified for military platforms on the ground, in the air, and at sea.

DLC/BBAR High Durability 8-12 µ Germanium
> 91% Average Transmission, R average < 2% for DLC ,
R average < 0.5% for BBAR.