Molded Plastic Optics

Rochester Precision Optics designs and produces the highest quality precision plastic optical components made to each customer’s specifications. 

Our approach is to provide a comprehensive, one-stop solution in the design, rapid prototyping, volume manufacturing, thin film coating, bonding, opto-mechanical assembly and testing of the highest performance molded plastic optics. Our industry unique capabilities of combining high performance plastic optics, precision glass optics and mechanical parts produces hybrid assemblies with cost, weight and performance benefits. RPO's broad manufacturing and design capabilities assure our customers we are using the best combination of optics and manufacturing tolerances in order to provide the solutions they need.

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Specifications and Capabilities 

Freeform and aspheric plastic optics offer significant cost, weight and assembly advantages. Our fully integrated plastic optics division has the expertise and equipment to meet high-volume, tight-tolerance demands:

    • 1mm to 150mm in diameter
    • Precision and Ultra Precision Tolerances for spherical and aspheric lenses 10mm to 25mm in diameter
    • Wide variety of materials including: 
      • Polycarbonate
      • Cyclic Olefin Polymer – Includes Zeonex and Zeonor
      • Cyclic Olefin Co-polymer – Trade name Topas
      • Polystyrene
      • Acrylic
      • Optical Polyesters like OKP4
    • Advanced automated injection-compression molding machines, which also feature integrated custom built robots for picking, de-gating and moving parts from the mold machines to the next stage of processing. This provides for continuous “lights out” operation during the molding process and thus ensuring uninterrupted flow of repeatable parts to achieve the lowest costs possible.
    • The most modern optical design software employed by optical design engineers with many years of specific “plastic optics” design & implementation experience.
    • Multi-Axis single point diamond turning machines for rapid prototyping of plastic optics, as well as optimization of the molded optical insert pins. Routinely fabricating aspheric, toroid, cylindrical and parabolic surfaces.
    • Freeform, diffractive, Fresnel lens and lens array optics available.
    • Laser etched barcoding below 2mm x 2mm to improve traceability.
    • Comprehensive metrology lab including technologically advanced interferometers, profilometers, refractometers and spectrophotometers to ensure the part is both optimized in the manufacturing process, and well as to ensure that every part is made to customer’s specifications every time.
    • 3D measuring of aspheric optical surfaces.  


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