Infrared Molded Glass Aspheres

Infrared Molded Glass Aspheric Optics

  • Wavelength 1-14µ
  • Molding technology for lowest cost advantage
  • Excellent part to part uniformity
  • Low thermal index change avoids thermal defocus
  • Excellent match with aluminum assemblies


Infrared Molded Glass Aspheric Optics combine the benefits of moldable infrared chalcogenide glasses and the expertise of Rochester Precision Optics' molding technology. Due to the rapid growth of the infrared industry and the near universal use of germanium in IR systems, the demand for germanium has greatly increased. This demand has resulted in higher prices and limited supply. Molding allows volume optical manufacturing without the high cost of capital equipment and skilled labor. IR glass offers excellent part to part uniformity, with lower manufacturing and material costs. The glass also offers a low thermal change in refractive index (32.2 X 1O-6/ºC for IRG26), which is a benefit to optical systems designers in avoiding thermal defocusing.

Diamond Turning

RPO’s Precision Machining Group is comprised of individuals that have 10 to 25 years of experience in diamond grinding and polishing of all types of optical surfaces including spherical, aspherical, acylindrical and freeform optics to form errors of less than 1/10th λ accuracies. Our diamond turning facility is staffed with toolmakers with 15+ years of experience in diamond turning and optical tool surface generation.

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