CNC Optics

Conventional Spherical Optics Utilizing CNC Optical Manufacturing

For optical lenses, RPO provides a broad range of excellence in traditional optics utilizing advanced high speed Computer-Numerically Controlled (CNC) equipment to perform lens grinding, polishing and centering. From prototypes to high volumes of 10,000 pieces per month, your optics are produced with the utmost accuracy, precise performance, and unsurpassed quality control. A large selection of glass types are in stock for rapid prototyping at affordable prices.

Our CNC/Conventional Optics Manufacturing area does all of the grinding, polishing, and centering work required to produce the spherical glass optics that are used in our optical assemblies or sold as individual optical components to our customers. The CNC center of our facilities includes:

  • 12 centering machines
  • 15 CNC grinding machines
  • 31 CNC polishing machines
  • 26 conventional polishing spindles
  • 6 plano grinding and polishing machines
  • lens blank manufacturing equipment
  • hard tooling
  • the world’s largest collection of test plates

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