Meet the Team: Q&A with Ray Schmitt, Supply Chain Manager, on Turnaround and Quality

Posted by The RPO Team on Oct 10, 2016 4:30:00 PM

Ray Schmitt joined Rochester Precision Optics as Supply Chain Manager after 25 years in all aspects of manufacturing including Operations Management, Supply Chain, Quality Systems, Sales, Information Technology and Production in polymer optics. Ray is working with customers and vendors to ensure a robust supply chain that exceeds customer expectations.

Ray, why did you choose to join Rochester Precision Optics?

I enjoy working closely with the customer and producing technology that can make a difference for the end user. With the completion of programs like CNOD and TRS night vision systems, and the complex optical assemblies that we manufacture for customers, we are helping market leaders bring products to market that are second to none. We’re helping our customers do things no one else can. It’s nice to be a part of that.

RPO is a high growth but stable business with smart people committed to taking our customers’ technology to the next level.  RPO has compiled an impressive team that has a tremendous understanding of the customers’ requirements, continuously working to provide value. 

My experience in polymer optics with both customers and suppliers provides a foundation to reduce risk and supply chain disruption. From joint ventures to long-term partnerships, I’m committed to implementing strategies to help companies’ programs succeed and get to the market.

What are you working on now?

Materials availability—if we can source faster and ensure materials availability on demand, we can significantly improve turnaround time for our customers.

There are a number of initiatives underway—from LEAN process improvement to sourcing, all of which will ultimately improve the value RPO can provide, by keeping our high quality standards with an emphasis on exceeding the customers’ expectations.

What should customers expect from a supplier?

Stable, reachable, flexible. Every customer deserves to feel like they’re the only customer.  Customers want to know their proprietary knowledge is kept confidential, discussed amongst our team of vertically integrated experts, and that the resulting optical components and assemblies are the best solution available.


To learn more about supply trends and how RPO manages them, download our supply chain survey report.

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