Market by the Numbers: A Closer Look at Night Vision Technology & Devices

Posted by The RPO Team on Feb 25, 2017 9:50:00 AM


  • 2x growth in Canada from 2014-2020

  • 5x growth in Mexico

  • 3x growth in South America

  • $9 billion by 2020 – Night vision camera market

As most countries progressively modernize their military and law enforcement, the night vision market is continuing to trend upwards. In response, manufacturers seek innovation in:

  • light weighting night vision components
  • broadening wavelengths
  • accommodating green and white light
  • increasing range
  • cost reductions to open up new applications

Though night vision technology and devices have long been in use, its growth in recent years shows little sign of slowing down:

  • A 12.8% growth in volume is expected for night vision devices market globally within the next 3-4 years
  • The U.S. remains the largest market for night vision technologies, making up 32.6% of the total market revenue
  • Military and defense lead in night vision device applications and usage
  • An estimated rise from $5.89 billion (2014) to $6.68 billion by 2020 is expected in military applications specifically

Although new market applications such as navigation and sportsmen continue to grow, military and defense remains the largest market at 44.6%.

Night vision lens components are driving the innovation and market growth. As manufacturers continue to find more efficient and effective approaches to night vision technology, product development cycles will accelerate.

The emphasis on tactical advantage is driving companies to put their focus on the design, integration, and advancement of night vision systems in an effort to manage pricing and reduce the overall size of the system. Major players in night vision device manufacturing continue to devise new solutions to meet changing requirements and needs.

New capabilities showcased in systems like RPO’s CNOD CMOS system are proving that weight, size and technology can be dramatically reduced while improving performance and flexibility. The CNOD can be mounted or used as a hand-held monocular, and is portable enough for ready field use in homeland security and defense. The CNOD also offers still photo and video capture in digital HD. The underlying technologies are proof of capability for night vision companies seeking IR optical assemblies that will offer a performance edge. 

Learn more about CNOD and its cutting edge design:

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