CNOD featured in Law Enforcement Technology

Posted by The RPO Team on Aug 17, 2016 12:00:00 AM

RPO’s CNOD System is featured in the latest Law Enforcement Technology and Law Enforcement Product News. Because of its true facial identification capability, the CNOD offers superior enhanced performance for SWAT and police departments.

CNOD, CMOS Night Observation Device, enables operators to see in bright sun and low light by combining high definition sight with high contrast and high resolution in a single device. The device is neither an image intensification system nor a thermal CNODproduct announcementsystem; it is a digital system. CNOD can be deployed in three ways: as a hand held monocular, as a clip-on, in-line weapon sight for use with your day scope or as a stand-alone weapon sight with reticle of choice. Because of its multi-functionality, the CNOD system is unmatched in regards to digital, image intensified night vision and thermal sights in the current market.

The CNOD is an easy-to-use system offering visible and IR wavelengths from 500 to1080 nm, with digital electronic 6x zoom, still and video image capture. Police departments and municipalities benefit from the system’s versatility and the advanced design helps to preserve natural night vision for ground operations and allows for hand-held or weapon-mounted use.

The integrated, high performance night observation device reinforces RPO’s capabilities in optical components and assembly. Our proven track record in defense and security is due to expertise in lightweight and high volume production of precision optical systems.

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