CNOD & Night Vision Trends: What's Next for Infrared Optics

Posted by The RPO Team on Aug 27, 2017 9:15:00 AM

An interview with Rick Bryant of RPO and Andres Cifuentes of ASE Optics Europe

Commercial night vision applications are driving demand for innovation in thermal optics, as is the military's investment in next-generation night vision technologies. Optical engineers at RPO and ASE Optics EU are designing optical systems and night vision systems, such as the CMOS night observation device (CNOD), to offer high definition sight in bright sun or low light, digital still photo and video capture, and lightweight and flexible platforms that broaden the use case for night vision.

RPO's Rick Bryant, Director of Advanced Programs, and Andres Cifuentes of ASE Optics Europe, RPO's distributor of the CNOD device in Europe, work with customers to identify or design night vision systems that match their applications. Recently, they joined us to talk about what's next, and what it will demand of IR optics.

Rick Bryant, RPO Director of Advanced Programs

The CNOD offers a real leap forward in capabilities and field use. We continue to push forward, though. Customers are looking ahead to digitization and true color. Direct view night vision will be challenged by the need to record for security applications, and the desire to share digital images in social media in consumer applications.

Both color and digitization increase situational awareness for the user, a big advantage in military applications RPO is constantly pushing infrared optics capabilities forward to meet emerging requirements.

Andres Cifuentes, ASE Optics Europe, CEO

Andres's work with customers in Europe echoes the desire for digital image capture and the move toward true color. But is true color possible? True color at night will be similar to thermal imaging false color palettes. Colors maybe need to be interpreted or assigned based on other cues in the image. This will require real time image processing, raising concerns in data processing speeds and power consumption.

With wireless connectivity offered by systems like CNOD, cyber security will be an area of focus by military, security and commercial night vision customers.  


Interested in learning more about the CNOD system? Download the datasheet.

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