Automotive & industrial

UAV, LiDAR, Machine Vision, & Physical Security IR

In markets where automation is at the forefront of development, RPO's design and engineering expertise provides a competitive edge. Our in-house optical component fabrication capabilities support customer needs from the design and prototyping phases through testing and high volume production. 

RPO's expertise in eyepieces and objectives design includes lightweight and molded aspheres, which provide customers with high performing optical systems and lower costs. From optical assemblies and precision molded optics to molded glass aspheres, IR optical lenses, and other components, the RPO team delivers an end-product that meets customer size, weight, cost, and volume requirements. 


Enhancing Autonomous Automation

For markets that are fast-growing and innovative, early involvement from an optics partner is important. RPO can start helping you during the design stage and follow through on that design with our advanced engineering capabilities. 

Applications include:

  • Safety/Inspection
  • Defense/Security
  • Transportation/Delivery
  • Agriculture
  • Construction
  • Mining

Our experienced engineers can create a design that is high performing and light weight while maintaining a low cost for high volume production.

Machine Vision

Ensuring Quality and Consistency 

RPO can help you create a product solution that will increase quality and consistency for your current operation. These optical assemblies must be not only high quality but also highly reliable and capable of high speed imaging.

Applications include:

  • Quality control imaging
  • Robotic imaging
  • Hyperspectral imaging
  • Automatic inspection
  • Metrology

By working with our experienced team, you also have the ability to create a custom piece. This advantage can help to ensure smooth integration for operation. 

IR Physical Security 

Protecting your Information

With an increasing concern for the safety of information and data, optics have become a larger part of security measures.

Examples of physical security using optics include:

  • Video surveillance
  • Biometric readers
  • Infrared motion detectors

Due to the demand for dependable security, your optical system must meet the need for clear visiblity and high resolution. IR optics and IR illuminators can be a high performing security solution.

Learn more about our other IR and Night Vision applications for Defense.

Does your project need engineering expertise?

If you're faced with an engineering problem and your optical design needs a solution, consider RPO Discovery Service. With this fixed price, low risk engineering investigation, our team can help you speed the time from design to production.

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