RPO is a global leader in precision optics, optical components, and optical assemblies. As one of the fastest growing companies in Rochester, RPO offers exciting career paths and the opportunity to work on market-leading programs. We specialize in a full spectrum of products & services including – Design and Engineering, Systems Integration, Lens Assembly, Visible and Infrared Components, Glass and Plastic Molded Aspheres, and Thin Film Coating.


Working at RPO you can utilize your technical, intellectual, and creative talents in a fast-growth, high-impact environment. RocTop100-Black.pngWe are constantly investing in the people, processes, and technologies needed to produce high volume precision optical components and optical assemblies. Our optical design department provides diverse problem solving while our production specialists work on a wide range of optical programs and challenges.


RPO offers highly competitive, total compensation packages linked directly to employee’s professional experience. RPO’s benefits include: Tuition Reimbursement Program, Health Insurance, Dental Insurance, Disability Insurance, Life Insurance, 10 paid holidays, generous paid vacation and sick time and a 401(k) plan after a 60-day waiting period. Additionally, we work a 9/80 work week that provides for every other Friday as a non-work day.


Explore opportunities with us. See your career through a new lens with RPO!