Strengthening the Optical Supply Chain: Insights from the China International Optoelectronic Exposition

 Keeping a finger on the pulse of global opportunities, RPO staff members Clint Braine, Director of Business Development (Life Sciences) and Ray Schmitt, Director of Supply Chain, attended the China International Optoelectronic Exposition (CIOE) to explore further international applications for the company’s high-volume optics manufacturing products in addition to new vendors and supply sources in the region concurrent with RPO’s Continuing Customer Value initiatives and Precision Optics Trading Company (POTC) branch in Shanghai.

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Rochester, NY Optics Expertise: Making VR a Reality

How Rochester Optical Manufacturers are creating a hotbed of AR/VR activity

Augmented reality and virtual reality technologies have the potential to impact every segment of our economy, from consumer electronics and defense to health care. These systems are no longer just for gaming, they are bringing automated vehicles to life, advancing military operations, and they could transform the way we think of entertainment. But what does it take to truly get these systems performing and viable at high volume? Rochester optics companies like RPO may be a key part of the solution. 

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Optical Supply Chain Partners: Survey Results

Tier 1, 2 and 3 manufacturers in industries as diverse as military, consumer electronics and aerospace are increasingly focused on management of supply chain risk. As an optical lens, optical component and assembly manufacturer, Rochester Precision Optics is working with market leaders to manage their risk while reducing their total system cost.

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Meet the Team: Q&A with Ray Schmitt, Supply Chain Manager, on Turnaround and Quality

Ray Schmitt joined Rochester Precision Optics as Supply Chain Manager after 25 years in all aspects of manufacturing including Operations Management, Supply Chain, Quality Systems, Sales, Information Technology and Production in polymer optics. Ray is working with customers and vendors to ensure a robust supply chain that exceeds customer expectations.

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