Zero Dark Thirty: Night Vision for Critical Missions

According to IMFDB: A SEAL takes aim with his HK416 with the AN/PEQ-15 ATPIAL activated. Note that he appears to be wearing a set of GPNVG-18's (L-3 Ground Panoramic Night Vision Goggles).

The critically-acclaimed military drama Zero Dark Thirty is one of the first movies to portray the US Navy SEALs 2011-raid on Osama Bin Laden following a decade long manhunt.  The film offers a compelling glimpse at the defense technologies critical to dangerous missions and the intensity of coordinating maneuvers in dark and unknown environments.

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CMOS Night Vision Optics: A sneak peek for SHOT Show

In a recent interview with Rick Bryant, Director of Advanced Programs at Rochester Precision Optics, Rick shared his outlook for night vision systems and the advancements in imaging technologies he’ll be watching at SHOT Show this January.

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CNOD & Night Vision Trends: What's Next for Infrared Optics

An interview with Rick Bryant of RPO and Andres Cifuentes of ASE Optics Europe

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Night Vision Technology: Continued Growth & Advancement in Goggles Devices

With rapid growth in thermal imaging and infrared technology, optics manufacturers continue to advance their products in an effort to keep up with high demanding markets, including night vision devices. Wearable night vision devices such as enhanced night visions goggles (ENVG), which use thermal imaging in their design, continuously improve in performance as technology evolves quickly. Helmet mounted goggles, cameras and other thermal devices have been at the forefront of the market, but night vision goggles are predicted to be the application to watch as the market progresses.

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Market by the Numbers: A Closer Look at Night Vision Technology & Devices

  • 2x growth in Canada from 2014-2020

  • 5x growth in Mexico

  • 3x growth in South America

  • $9 billion by 2020 – Night vision camera market

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Advancing Infrared Optics: Commercial Demand for Night Vision Technology Emerges

Optical system advances drive possibilities in new markets.

Advances in IR optics have opened up new doors for night vision commercial applications. While military and defense continue to make up nearly 45% of the market, night vision is becoming a viable choice for:

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Examining Why CNOD Beats Current Night Vision Technology

Night vision technology has been a critical component of the defense industry since World War II. The demand for newer and better instruments has only increased. To address this growing need, RPO has developed a new, alternate approach to night vision technology that avoids the inherent technical limitations of older technologies. RPO’s new product is called CNOD (CMOS Night Observation Device). To understand why CNOD beats existing technology requires explaining what that technology is. Two technologies have dominated the night vision field: image intensifiers and thermal imagers.

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Introducing RPO’s CMOS Night Observation Device: 8 Advantages over Existing Technologies in the Field

RPO’s new commercial device, CMOS Night Observation Device (CNOD), is a hand-held night vision sight with the revolutionary capability of daylight operation. CNOD leaps past existing night-vision technologies to meet the demands of field use. The CNOD is proof of RPO’s two core competencies—optical system design and precision-molded plastic optics—which pay off in market-leading image clarity and light weight.

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Meet the Team: Q&A with Rick Bryant, Director of Advanced Programs, Discusses the Future of Night Vision

Rick Bryant joined Rochester Precision Optics in 2013 after his service in the United States Marine Corps and nearly 20 years as the Director of Visual Augmentation Systems for Naval Special Warfare Development Group. Rick, in collaboration with our VP of Engineering Bob Benson, has been integral to the development and launch of RPO’s CNOD CMOS system and the direction of our night vision R&D. In addition to his R&D leadership, Rick has also led fielding, logistics, and other responsibilities that come with heading advanced programs.

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CNOD featured in Law Enforcement Technology

RPO’s CNOD System is featured in the latest Law Enforcement Technology and Law Enforcement Product News. Because of its true facial identification capability, the CNOD offers superior enhanced performance for SWAT and police departments.

CNOD, CMOS Night Observation Device, enables operators to see in bright sun and low light by combining high definition sight with high contrast and high resolution in a single device. The device is neither an image intensification system nor a thermal CNODproduct announcementsystem; it is a digital system. CNOD can be deployed in three ways: as a hand held monocular, as a clip-on, in-line weapon sight for use with your day scope or as a stand-alone weapon sight with reticle of choice. Because of its multi-functionality, the CNOD system is unmatched in regards to digital, image intensified night vision and thermal sights in the current market.

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