Investing for Your Optical System Innovations

Posted by The RPO Team on Aug 18, 2016 12:00:00 AM

2016 has brought about a lot of change at RPO. We’re investing in our people, processes, and technologies to scale from prototype to production of optical components and optical assemblies for our customers.

What’s new? Currently, we are:

  • Investing in automation to focus on cultivating high-value technical talent
  • Tripling capacity in precision plastic optics – taking on the difficult military applications like prisms and consumer electronics/VR applications that require bi-aspheres and fresnels
  • Adding cleanroom capacity—15,000 sq. ft of class 10,000, down to class 100 capable
  • Moving into larger, more complex system assembly for customers—like the CNOD (CMOS based night observation device) and TRS (Thermal Reflex Sights).
  • Producing diffractives on molded glass aspheric lenses for lighter weight, lower cost visible, thermal and IR imaging systems

We’re looking to accelerate our progress in these areas and further prove our commitment to serving every customer as an outstanding supplier and strategic partner.

For market leaders in Defense, Medical Device, Life Science, Security and Consumer Technology, we are working on projects like these:

Thermal Reflex Sight (TRS):
Thermal imaging camera designed for major firearms manufacturer. Designed, prototyped and provided full assembly of complete camera system. This system is a strong example of RPO’s systems engineering capabilities.

Micro Array Reader:
Designed full optical system and built prototype for 96-strip reader. Collaborated with their engineering team on this complex DNA sequencing system, now in lab testing.

Microspectrometer utilizes photonic crystal in place of diffractive grating or beam splitting, driving down cost and size by orders of magnitude. RPO provided optical design & precision micro molding to more effectively guide the light in such a compact mobile instrument.

Biopsy Medical Instrument:
Multi-spectral, fiber fed optical system to detect cancer. System was just approved by the FDA, and is moving into production.

Virtual Reality Consumer Product:
RPO worked with this consumer electronics company from engineering through prototype and high volume production. Optical assembly volumes are on track for 1M/year. Extensive plastic optics automation helped to drive out cost and ensure quality, with in-line laser marking, bar code scanning and inspection.


RPO is focused on building strong customer partnerships and working collaboratively to engineer and manufacture the optical components and assemblies that create a competitive advantage in your technology.

We looking forward to enhancing customer relationships in the time to come, as well as being a driver of innovation within the industry.

We are eager to continue our existing partnerships, but also strive to develop new ones. To discuss collaboration opportunities or project development possibilities, contact

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