Case Study: RPO's Optical Engineering Aids a Life Science Company

Posted by The RPO Team on Apr 24, 2018 9:33:00 AM

Optics for Life SciencesMany startups, when trying to scale up from concept to optical prototyping, find themselves facing gaps in skills and staffing. Building and testing optical assemblies requires specialized personnel and facilities. For optical applications in particular, the expense to acquire talent and equipment is cost-prohibitive, especially at early stages of development. At that stage, the work volume may not warrant maintaining a laboratory and hiring full-time technical staff.

Adarza, a life science startup, approached Rochester Precision Optics (RPO) for assistance in developing a prototype that applied optics to a blood assay microarray reader. The new instrument promised faster processing speed with a smaller footprint, but its performance hinged on a compact optical system design that maintained existing industry standards. For a young startup, it was not feasible to hire in-house optical engineering staff along with the impending equipment and facilities expenses.

RPO’s Discovery Service - a low-cost way to begin or troubleshoot an optical system design - was a logical way for Adarza to move the project forward. RPO used a range of internal capabilities to evaluate the overall functionality of Adarza’s concept, not just its optical performance. The analysis resulted in suggestions for several critical design modifications to optimize performance. RPO’s optical engineers and technicians performed increasingly refined optical prototyping to create a robust optical system design. With this new design, the customer has been able to move into advanced beta testing. This early success has led to a decade-long collaboration between RPO and Adarza.

Peter Emmel, Senior Optical Engineer, says, “Adarza is the kind of project that I love. It has developed into a long-term relationship. We’ve brought the technical horsepower and the business relationships for moving from a goal to an actual product. Together, we have made huge improvements to the technology."

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