Market by the Numbers: A Closer Look at Night Vision Technology & Devices

  • 2x growth in Canada from 2014-2020

  • 5x growth in Mexico

  • 3x growth in South America

  • $9 billion by 2020 – Night vision camera market

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Topics: Night Vision Technology, Infrared, CNOD

Photonics West 2017 in Review: Trends and Highlights

Every year Photonics West brings together some of the biggest names in the industry, and every year attendees and exhibitors get an inside look at emerging technologies powered by light. This year it was all business—those technologies are here now.

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Topics: Precision Optics, Trends

Reviewing CES 2017: The Technology Landscape of 2017

The first week of January, the RPO team joined almost 200,000 people in Las Vegas to scope out the technology trends that are expected to impact the optics industry. 

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Advancing Infrared Optics: Commercial Demand for Night Vision Technology Emerges

Optical system advances drive possibilities in new markets.

Advances in IR optics have opened up new doors for night vision commercial applications. While military and defense continue to make up nearly 45% of the market, night vision is becoming a viable choice for:

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Topics: Night Vision Technology, Infrared, Lens Assemblies

Meet the Team: Mike Davenport, Director of Product Engineering

When the chance to join the RPO team came around, Mike Davenport jumped at taking it. A problem solver by nature, Mike knew the challenge-driven mentality of RPO was the right place for him. His interest in optics comes from the complexity of the industry. "Every project involves a lot of theory, a lot of engineering, and a lot of mechanical common sense," he explained.

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Examining Why CNOD Beats Current Night Vision Technology

Night vision technology has been a critical component of the defense industry since World War II. The demand for newer and better instruments has only increased. To address this growing need, RPO has developed a new, alternate approach to night vision technology that avoids the inherent technical limitations of older technologies. RPO’s new product is called CNOD (CMOS Night Observation Device). To understand why CNOD beats existing technology requires explaining what that technology is. Two technologies have dominated the night vision field: image intensifiers and thermal imagers.

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6 Design Considerations for Polymer Optics

Quality. Quantity. Cost. In precision manufacturing, the consensus is that you can improve two out of three. You can’t get “more stuff that works better but costs less.”

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Topics: Engineering & Design, Molded Optics

Meet the Team: Jeff Snopkowski, Manufacturing Engineering Manager

Jeff Snopkowski joined the Rochester Precision Optics team in April 2015 after 8 years with another optics company. When he heard about the open position at RPO, he was excited about the opportunity to join a company that was poised for growth. We spoke with Jeff about how he’s improving manufacturing processes at RPO and what customers can expect.

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Topics: Meet the Team, Engineering & Design

Introducing RPO’s CMOS Night Observation Device: 8 Advantages over Existing Technologies in the Field

RPO’s new commercial device, CMOS Night Observation Device (CNOD), is a hand-held night vision sight with the revolutionary capability of daylight operation. CNOD leaps past existing night-vision technologies to meet the demands of field use. The CNOD is proof of RPO’s two core competencies—optical system design and precision-molded plastic optics—which pay off in market-leading image clarity and light weight.

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Meet the Team: Rob Thorpe, Director of Operations

Rob Thorpe joined RPO largely due to its potential. “I look at RPO as a young and growing company,” he said. He appreciates that the owner was willing to invest in the company’s future – a future that he is now helping to shape. We spoke to Rob about current initiatives and improvements happening at RPO.

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