Meet the Team: Jamie Ramsey, Optical Designer, Shares the Latest in Research and Development

You can find Jamie at her desk working on research and development projects for RPO. When she’s not in the office, Jamie enjoys outdoor activities such as cycling, hiking and rock climbing.

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Meet the Team: Peter Emmel, Senior Optical Engineer, Discusses the Most Complex Project in His 50-year Career

Peter Emmel, a well-known Senior Optical Engineer in the Rochester, New York optics community, celebrates his 50th anniversary working in the optics industry this year. We caught up with Peter in the midst of a typically busy day.

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Case Study: RPO's Optical Engineering Aids a Life Science Company

Optics for Life SciencesMany startups, when trying to scale up from concept to optical prototyping, find themselves facing gaps in skills and staffing. Building and testing optical assemblies requires specialized personnel and facilities. For optical applications in particular, the expense to acquire talent and equipment is cost-prohibitive, especially at early stages of development. At that stage, the work volume may not warrant maintaining a laboratory and hiring full-time technical staff.

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Meet the Team: Terry Congdon, Plastics Department Manager, Shares His Expertise on Plastic Optics Manufacturing

terry-congdon_flyfish crop.jpegWhen he isn't at work, Terry Congdon can be found spending time with his family and their two dogs or fly fishing. Inside the polymer optics manufacturing division of Rochester Precision Optics (RPO), Terry manages the fast-paced and complex plastic optics department. Terry details below the advancements his team is making in the field of polymer optics manufacturing and how they are adapting to the increasing demand for molded plastic optics.

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Meet the Team: Continuous Improvement Manager, Kim O'Connell, on Lean Manufacturing Processes for Optics Programs

A Master Black Belt in LEAN Six Sigma and competitive athlete, Kim O'Connell has over 25 years of experience in precision manufacturing. Her production background in assembly, combined with her degrees in engineering, made Kim a natural fit for the Rochester Precision Optics team. Since joining RPO as Continuous Improvement Manager this past summer, Kim has made great progress in enabling capacity growth for RPO and its high-volume optics program customers. She shares her insights on lean manufacturing process improvement below.

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Advancing Optics Technology: RPO Proud to be Part of the Technologies Driving 36 of the S&P 500

The S&P 500 recently hit a record high, with the tech sector showing big gains. While driving forces are complex, the S&P is a good reflection of the market leaders and pace setters in industry.

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Zero Dark Thirty: Night Vision for Critical Missions

According to IMFDB: A SEAL takes aim with his HK416 with the AN/PEQ-15 ATPIAL activated. Note that he appears to be wearing a set of GPNVG-18's (L-3 Ground Panoramic Night Vision Goggles).

The critically-acclaimed military drama Zero Dark Thirty is one of the first movies to portray the US Navy SEALs 2011-raid on Osama Bin Laden following a decade long manhunt.  The film offers a compelling glimpse at the defense technologies critical to dangerous missions and the intensity of coordinating maneuvers in dark and unknown environments.

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CMOS Night Vision Optics: A sneak peek for SHOT Show

In a recent interview with Rick Bryant, Director of Advanced Programs at Rochester Precision Optics, Rick shared his outlook for night vision systems and the advancements in imaging technologies he’ll be watching at SHOT Show this January.

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RPO on the Road: Find us at Optics Trade Shows in January

The Rochester Precision Optics team is kicking off 2018 with four major industry trade shows. RPO is primed to support customers in consumer technologies, defense, biomedical and advanced optics with well-established investments in new capabilities and a keen focus on emerging market opportunities.

Learn more about the shows we will be attending and how we can support customers' 2018 goals and critical programs.

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Meet the Team: Tara Holloway, RPO Business Development Manager – Medical Technology, Discusses the Growth of Precision Optics in Medical Device Applications


Tara Holloway, RPO's Business Development Manager, joined the team in 2016 and is now spearheading the application of RPO’s capabilities in the medical technology market. Tara works directly with manufacturers and service providers to support innovative optical designs for medical device applications. She shares her thoughts on the industry and some of the current projects she is tackling.

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