ASE Optics: Design & Engineering Services


Rochester Precision Optics acquired ASE Optics to optimize its design and engineering services.


ASE Optics offers services in the following areas:

  • Optical
  • Mechanical
  • Software
  • Electrical
  • Material Science

ASE Optics was founded in 1994 providing optical engineering support for companies who can’t find, can’t afford, or can’t justify having an optical engineer on staff.  They have provided optical engineering services to over 200 different clients, ranging from government agencies to Fortune 500 companies.


ASE Optics provides optical engineering talent for world-class optical systems, creating applied engineering solutions for a wide range of applications. Their focus is on innovative, cost-effective designs and they enjoy solving problems with creativity and collaboration.


Their highly skilled PhD, MS, and BS level engineers bring extensive experience and knowledge of both theoretical and applied systems. Drawing on the depth of optical talent in the Rochester, New York region, our team has the expertise to tackle the most complex of challenges.


ASE offers Discovery Service™ which helps customers better understand both their problem and our ability to solve it. Many times we find a complete solution during the discovery phase. Your time is a precious commodity, so we work to complete our Discovery Service™ contracts in less than 2 weeks. This ensures that our  Discovery Service™ provides a quick and valuable product at a reasonable cost.


Combined with the manufacturing assets of Rochester Precision Optics, ASE can design, work through the prototype phase and bring your product to full rate production.