RPO's Design Engineer Jamie Ramsey to Present at SPIE DCS 2017

Posted March 23, 2017 The RPO Team & filed under News & Events, Engineering & Design

defense-commercial-sensing-spie-2017.gifRochester Precision Optics' design engineer Jamie Ramsey will give a technical presentation at the 2017 SPIE Defense + Commercial Sensing (DCS) show in Anaheim, April 9-13. Formerly Defense + Security, DCS is a leading event among defense, security, medical device, and environmental professionals. Attendees gain insight on the latest advancements in sensing and imaging technologies including infrared, LIDAR, sensors, and spectral imaging.

RPO's CMOS Night Vision Device (CNOD) system and advanced IR optics capabilities will be on display at DCS. In the technical conference, RPO will share their work in athermal/achromatic glass map optical designs.

Capabilities in optical assemblies, infrared glass aspheres, plastic optics, glass molding and more are supported by the team's research and optical manufacturing expertise. If attending DCS, don't miss the RPO presentation on:


Design of multiband optics using updated athermal/achromatic glass map

| 9 April 2017 • 9:20 - 9:40 AM |

  • Abstract:Through the use of Instantaneous Abbe number and peak wavelength an updated γν-ν diagram can be defined. This updated γν-ν diagram allows for an athermal and achromatized optical design to be achieved that works in multiple wavelength bands. Three examples will be presented. These are a SWIR/MWIR design, a MWIR/LWIR design and a SWIR/MWIR/LWIR design that each illustrate this new method for athermalisation and achromatization.
  • Why it's important to you: RPO is uniquely positioned to supply athermalized achromatic lenses for multiband infrared systems. Choosing the optimal materials for such systems is difficult. RPO’s design engineers have developed broadband IR design techniques that forego the traditional Abbe glass chart and account for both dispersion and thermal effects (γ). This approach simplifies finding the best choice of materials for multiband doublets and triplets.

If you would like to meet with our team during DCS, schedule a meeting. If you're unable to attend the show but would like to learn more about our capabilities, download our catalog.

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RPO's technical presentation will be available after the show.