RPO to Debut New Products at 3rd Annual Wilcox Range Day at SHOT Show  2018

Posted January 22, 2018 The RPO Team & filed under News & Events, CNOD

Following several years of cutting-edge research and development, breakthrough digital and electro-optical technologies developed by Rochester Precision Optics have ushered in the CMOS Day/Night Observation Device (CNOD), initially debuted in 2017. Attendees of the 3rd Annual Wilcox Range Day at the 2018 SHOT Show will receive hands-on demonstrations of the newest additions to the CNOD product line, including the CNOD-DR featuring a disturbed reticle along with the out-of-band Near-Infrared Illuminator (NII) accessory.

CNOD-PR-Pic.jpgCurrently fielded by US Special Operations Command (USSOCOM) personnel, the CNOD is the world’s first high-definition, fully digital day/night optic optimized for use as an observation monocular, stand-alone weapon sight or clip-on in-line weapons sight. Capable of detecting all visible and IR lasers within the 500nm to 1080nm spectrum while operating in bright sun or low light. “There is nothing on the battlefield today that even remotely compares to the CNOD system,” said Robert Benson, Vice President of Engineering at Rochester Precision Optics. “This is the most technologically-advanced digital night vision system ever developed and it’s truly the way of the future,” Robert went on to say.

New for 2018, CNOD-DR interfaces with a Laser Range Finder (LRF) in a weapons-mounted configuration featuring a disturbed reticle. This capability provides a trajectory-compensated aiming point for first shot accuracy. Additionally, the CNOD product series now includes the CNOD Near-Infrared Illuminator (NII) which allows for target illumination beyond 1000m. Developed for USSCOCOM and operating at 980nm within the band of CNOD’s spectrum, the NII is out-of-band of most image intensifying and thermal imagers, defeating the majority of detection systems.

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