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Design Services
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Optical Assemblies
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Vertically Integrated for Solving Complex Problems

Rochester Precision Optics provides the advanced proprietary technology, vertical integration, LEAN manufacturing, and supply chain management
needed to meet high-volume demands.

Our optical manufacturing and lens design expertises help us meet product volume, timeline and cost constraints. With quick turnaround and a wide range of in-house capabilities, RPO has manufactured over 350,000
optical assemblies and over 1,000,000 optical components. From design to assembly, our vertically integrated, 110,000 square foot manufacturing facility off ers the capabilities you need, whether custom or standard.

RPO offers a full spectrum of precision optical manufacturing including:

  • Design and Engineering Services
  • Systems Integration
  • Optical Assemblies
  • Visible and Infrared Components
  • Precision Molded Glass Aspheres
  • Precision Molded Plastic Optics
  • High-Speed CNC Optical Fabrication
  • Optical Diamond Turning
  • Precision Machining
  • Thin Film Coating
  • Advanced In-Line Metrology and QC
  • Supply Chain Management and Overseas Sourcing (POTC)

RPO Making a Difference

An HTC Vive with precision lenses from RPO helped Evan experience skiing again.

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